Lab News:

2024-05) Haoxing will chair the 13th International Symposium on Calcium Signaling China (SCSC) to be held in Wuhan, May/13-18.

2024-04) Congrats to Shiqi, Yuhao,Jingzhi, Chuanyan, and Xiaotong for getting the offer of Ph.D. program from ZJU!

2024-04) Welcome Li He to join the lab as a administrative manager

2024-03) Congrats to Meiqin, Xinghua, Qiang, Siyu, and Fangqian for the Comprehensive review paper on endomembrane channels published online in Physiological Reviews.

2024-02) Happy Spring Festival!


2024-02) Congrats to Xiaotong, Qiang and Meiqin for the Science paper published online.

2024-01) Congratulations to Meiqin for being awarded the title of "Excellent Young Talent" by Zhejiang University Medical School!

2023-12) Welcome Danzhen to join the lab!

2023-11) Congrats to Haoxing for the Nature Biotechnology News&Views published online.

2023-11) Haoxing was selected as the chairman of Zhejiang society of neuroscience (ZJSFN), congratulations!

2023-11) Welcome Joyce to join the lab as the administrative manager.

2023-10) Haoxing was selected as New Cornerstone Investigator in biological and biomedical sciences, congratulations!

2023-09) Haoxing was selected as a vice chairman of Zhejiang Biomedical Society, congratulations!

2023-09) Haoxing was selected as a torchbearer for the 19th Asian Games (Hangzhou, 2022), congratulations!

2023-08) Qiang was awarded and will be supported by Young Scientists Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, congratulations!

2023-08) New Spindisk setup has been installed in Xulab, and it will accelerate our research processing.

2023-08) Welcome Yaping Meng to join the lab as a distinguished research fellow. Dr. Meng graduated from Tsinghua University and was mentored by Dr. Anming Meng.

2023-07) Welcome Ying Li to join the lab, she is a junior undergraduate student from Zhejiang University and will receive cell biological training in Xu lab.

2023-07) Xulab 2023 lab retreat on July/01-02

2023-07) Welcome Chuanyan to join the lab.

2023-06) Welcome Weiwei to join the lab.

2023-05) The Lab’s two Ephys Patch-clamp system, one Ca2+ imaging system, and one Super-resolution His-SIM system finally arrived.

2023-05) Congrats to Xinghua and Siyu for their JCB Spotlight being accepted.

2023-04) Congrats to Weijie getting the offer of Ph.D. program from Zhejiang University Medical Center.

2023-04) Congrats to Xiaotong for winning "The Best Poster Award" in the first China Lysosome Conference.

2023-04) The first China Lysosome Conference chaired by Haoxing was successfully held in Hangzhou from April 20 to 22. The conference attracted more than 300 people from more than 50 universities and research institutions.

2023-04) Welcome Lebo and Chenxin to join the lab.

2023-03) Welcome Fangqian to join the lab.

2023-03) Haoxing will chair the first China Lysosome Conference to be held in Hangzhou, April 20-22

2023-03) Xu lab is hosting a super-resolution STORM microscope demo.

2023-02) Congrats to Weijie, Ping, and Mingxue for their book chapter in Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (HEP) series

2023-01) Haoxing and ZJU colleagues plan to organize a Lysosome Meeting to be held in Hangzhou in April, 2023. Stay Tuned for the details.

2023-01) Haoxing to attend the 2023 Organellar Channels and Transporters GRC

2023-01) Congrats for Meiqin being a ZJU Tenure-Track Investigator (新百人计划研究员)

2022-12) Xu lab to host an Olympus APX100 system.

2022-12) The Lab is awarded with a multi-PI joint grant from Department of Science and Technology to work on Parkinson’s Disease.

2022-11) Welcome Cheng , Zhuoyun,Ruyi, and Yulou to join the lab.

2022-10) Welcome Dongdong to join the lab.

2022-10) Xu lab to host a Spinning Disk Confocal Demo.

2022-10) Welcome Zikai to join the lab.

2022-09) Haoxing to serve as the Dean, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhejiang University.

2022-09) Congrats to Meiqin, Nan, and Weijie for the acceptance of JCB paper about lysosomal solute and water transport.

2022-09) Congrats to Meiqin, Jingzhi, and Siyu for a review article in Autophagy .

2022-09) Welcome Qiang to join the lab .

2022-09) Nan, Siyu, and Ping to join and start their Ph.D. studies in the Xu lab—Congrats and Welcome!

2022-08) The Xu Lab will host another postdoc/research scientist candidate seminar.

2022-08) The Xu lab starts to host a His-SIM super-resolution imaging system Demo at Liangzhu laboratory.

2022-07) Haoxing and Meiqin will present our lysosomal ion channel work in 6th Ion Channel Meeting in Wuhan

2022-07) The Xu Lab will host a HIS-SIM super-resolution imaging system Demo at LiangZhu Laboratory in early August!

2022-07) Xu Lab’s research highlighted in NSMB

2022-07) The Xu Lab Received a 3-year Sponsored Research Agreement Grant—Congrats!

2022-07) Welcome Qiang to join the lab next Month!

2022-07) The Xu Lab hosted a postdoc candidate seminar!

2022-07) Welcome Yangzi to join the lab!

2022-06) Congrats to Meiqin and Xinghua for the Cell paper published online, and highlighted by 麻省理工科技评论—MIT Tech Review, 科技日报, BioArt, 小柯生命, 学术经纬, 浙工大, 工大科技, ALZFORUM, Michigan News, and Parkinson News Today

2022-06) Welcome Jingzhi and Na to join the lab!

2022-05) Congrats to Meiqin for his paper being accepted in Cell!

2022-05) The Xu lab moved to Liangzhu laboratory & Zhejiang University Medical Center.

Selected Previous Lab News (2007-2022)

2021.09) Congrats to Wanlu for her paper being accepted in Cell Reports!

2020.08) Congrats to Ping for his paper being accepted in PNAS!

2020.02) UM news release: U-M team targets muscular dystrophy in mice

2019.11) Xiaoli, Wei, and Ping’s eLife paper is accepted—Congrats!

2019.11) Xu lab’s TRPML1 research in pharmaceutical industry:

2019.10) Congrats to Dan for her paper being accepted in Autophagy!

2019.10) Congrats to Lulu for her paper being accepted in Science Advances!

2019.10) Congrats to Wei and Archie for receiving Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant.

2019.05) UM news: a new pathway for an anti-aging drug

2019.04) Xiaoli, Wei, and Qiong’s paper is accepted in PloS Biology. Congrats!

2018.10) Ping and Mingxue’s comprehensive review paper on lysosomal ion channels is accepted in Trends In Biochemical Sciences. Congrats!

2018.9) Xiaoli and Meiqin’s comprehensive review paper on TRP channels is in press in Nature Structure and Molecular Biology. Congrats!

2018.8) Nirakar has started his impendent faculty position—good luck!.

2018.5) Congrats to Nirakar for receiving a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Job offer!

2018.4) The Xu lab is getting ready to move into new lab space in June—new Biological Sciences Building—check out

2018.4) Ahmad was picked as a prestigious Fulbright Scholar! Congrats!

2018.2) Junsheng’s Protein & Cell review paper is accepted. Congrats!

2017.11) The Xu lab is planning a full-day lab retreat on Dec. 15.

2017.11) The Xu lab has received a new RO1 grant from NIDDK to work on ion channels in the tubulovesicles!

2017.11) Hot topic: Cryo-EM structures of Mucolipin TRP Channels in the Lysosome: Five Together at Once

2017.11) Congrats Xiaoli for being nominated and selected as the Chair of the 2019 Gordon Research Seminar (GRS meeting) on Organellar Channels and Transporters!

2017.08) Haoxing, Ping, Nirakar, Mingxue, Xiaoli, Meiqin attended the second organellar channels and transporters GRC. Xiaoli Won the best poster award—congrats!

2017.06) Xu lab published a cover story in the Journal of Cell Biology. Congrats!

2017.05) Xu lab published a cover story in the journal of Developmental Cell. Congrats!

2017.05) News release—U-M researchers identify new heartburn target!

2017.04) Xiaoli won the Best Poster Award at the Endolysosome Conference –Congrats!

2017.03) Kathy received the Neuroscience Summer research fellowship–Congrats!

2017.03) Wuyang has a paper being accepted in Journal of Cell Biology–Congrats!

2017.03) Ahmad is selected to be a student speaker at Spring Graduation Commencement. Congrats!

2017.03) Nirakar’s paper is being accepted in Developmental Cell. Congrats!

2017.02) Haoxing hosted a party for Ph.D. recruits and student hosts in the interview weekend. A good pool of students!

2016.07) WWJ Radio News on free radicals-sensing and aging.

2016.07) CM Radio News on aging. .

2016.06) Congrats to Xiaoli and Lulu for the acceptance of a paper in the Journal Autophagy!

2016.06) News Release: Researchers discover powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease

2016.06) News Release: 研究发现能延缓衰老的蛋白质

2016.05) Congrats to Abbie and Wuyang for the acceptance of an eLife paper on lysosome Ca2+ refilling!

2016.05) Congrats to Haoxing—his promotion to full professor is now official!

2016.05) Congrats to Xiaoli for her paper on autophagy is being accepted in Nature Communications!

2016.04) Ahmad is selected as "Student of the Year" out of 40,000 students at the University—Congrats !

2016.02) The Xu lab receives a 5-year RO1 grant to work on lysosomal physiology and calcium signaling.

2016.01) Roy’s Nature Cell Biology paper is being accepted–Congrats!

2015.10) Haoxing received 2015 Faculty Recognition Award!

2015.8) Spring has started her new position @ Regeneron—Congrats and good luck!

2015.6) Haoxing co-chaired the 2015 GRC meeting on Organellar Channels and Transporters–Mingxue, Nirkar, Spring, Rasheed, Xiaoli, Wuyang, and Qiong attended the meeting. See photo.

2015.3) Congrats to Xiaoli for a her collaboration paper accepted in the journal Cell!!

2015.3) Congrats to Haoxing for a review paper in press in Cell Calcium.

2015.2) Congrats to Wuyang and Qiong for a PNAS plus paper being accepted!

2015.1) Wuyang and Qiong are Co-authors in a Nature Cell Biology paper in press.

2014.10) The Xu lab will have the inaugural Lab Retreat on Oct. 14!

2014.10) Haoxing has accepted an invitation from President Mark S. Schlissel to the President’s Advisory Panel On Biosciences (PAPBiosciences)!

2014.9) Haoxing is a co-organizer and co-chair of a new Gordon Research Conference Meeting on Organellar Channels and Transporters (Waltham, MA; June 14-19, 2015)

2014.9) News Release in Chinese: 治疗肌肉萎缩症有新方法

2014.9) News Release: Muscular dystrophy: Repair the muscles, not the genetic defect

2014.9) World Journal News.

2014.8) Haoxing’s comprehensive review on lysosomal ion channels is in press in Annual Review in Physiology (2015 Edition). Congrats!

2014.4) Congrats to Spring for her Nature Medicine paper being accepted!

2014.3) Congrats to Ali for a comprehensive review paper on lysosomal exocytosis being accepted in the Journal of Lipid Research.!

2014.3) Congrats to Roy for receiving the prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship!

2014.3) Congrats to Xiaoli and her collaborators at UM Engineering school for a paper in press in Nature Materials!

2014.2) Congrats to Ali for receiving the Outstanding Manuscript Award!

2013.12) Haoxing and Crystal were featured in the Annual Cell Biology Meeting. Watch YouTube Video.

2013.11) Roy’s PNAS paper is accepted. Congrats!

2013.8) News Release :Learning how the brain takes out its trash may help decode neurological diseases

(2013.8) Ali’s Developmental Cell paper is accepted. Congrats!

(2013.7) Roy and Abbie’s Journal of Physiology Topical Review paper is accepted. Congrats!

(2013.6) Congrats to Wuyang for her TRPML1 review paper being accepted in the Handbook of experimental pharmacology.

(2012.12) Xiang has two good news: a new baby and also won an outstanding manuscript award from MCDB—Congrats!

(2012.9) Ali received a Best Poster Award at the international TRP meeting (Sept. 12-14, Valencia, Spain). Congrats!

(2012.8) The Xu lab has received a 5-year NIH grant to study TRP channels in the skin. Congrats!!!

(2012.7) Xiang and Xiaoli’s Cell paper is accepted— Congrats!!!

(2012.5) Xiaoli’s PNAS paper is accepted. Congrats!

(2012.5) Nick is selected to receive the Underwood-Alger Scholarship–Congrats to Nick!!

(2012.5) Haoxing is officially promoted to Associated Professor with Tenure. Congrats!

(2012.3) News Release : Is Calcium Channel Major Player in Lysosome Diseases?

(2012.3) News Release : U-M biologists find potential drug that speeds cellular recycling.

(2012.3) News Release : Biologists find potential drug that speeds cellular recycling.

(2012.3) Press release: Channel problems in Niemann-Pick disease

(2012.3) News release: New drug may result in healthier cells

(2012.3) 新药物能加速溶酶体垃圾清除

(2011-2012) Xu lab research highlighted in MCDB newsletter-2011.

(2012.2) Xiang was selected to receive a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship. Congrats!

(2012.2) Dongbiao’s NPC and Ca2+ paper is in press in Nature Communications. Congrats!

(2011.9) The Xu lab has received a one-year pilot grant from the Elsa Pardee foundation to investigate the roles of TRP channels in epithelial cancers. Congrats!

(2011.9) Haoxing has been selected for the 2012 Henry Russel Award, which is one of the highest honors the university bestows upon junior faculty to recognize early career faculty for exceptional scholarship and teaching. Congrats!

(2011.8) Junyi and Jack presented their summer research on TRPML channels at Notre Dame. See pictures.

(2011.3) Dongbiao’s Phosphoinositide and Calcium review paper accepted in the journal BioEssays. Congrats!

(2011.3) Haoxing was featured in the recent issue of GSU Magazine.

(2011.2) Xiaoli has received a Postdoc Fellowship from ML4 Foundation. Congrats!

(2010.12) Haoxing talked about Xu lab’s ML4 research in the ML4 2011 News Letter.

(2010.12) Haoxing, his son Richard, students Xiang and Thomas, attended White House and NIH PECASE award ceremonies on Dec. 13th and Dec 14th. See Pictures.

(2010.11) Dongbiao has received a Rackham Travel Award. Congrats!

(2010.11.5) Haoxing has been selected for a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE )! Congrats!!!

(2010.9) Xianping has accepted a tenure-track faculty position in the Physiology Department at the Medical School of Dalhousie University! Congrats!

(2010.7) Membrane trafficking: PIP2 calcium let-out cause.

(2010.7) News release: How our cells get rid of junk and recycle.

(2010.7) News release: Opening the gate to the cell’s recycling center!

(2010.6) Xianping, Dongbiao, and Xiang’s paper accepted by Nature Communications.. Congrats!

(2010.4) News Release: Temperature-sensing protein linked to skin cancer, hirsutism

(2010.4) Channeling Hair Morphogenesis

(2010.4) News Release: Cellular Channel May Open Doors to Skin Conditions, Hair Growth

(2010.2) Xiang has received a Rackham Travel Award. Congrats!

(2010.1) Spring’s Cell paper accepted. Congrats!

(2010.1) Xianping’s intracellular TRP review paper accepted in Journal of Neurochemistry. Congrats!

(2009.12) Spring’s TRPML review paper accepted in FEBS letters. Congrats!

(2009.10) Eric’s iron review paper accepted in Future Medicinal Chemistry. Congrats!

(2009.10) Haoxing Nominated by NINDS for PECASE award.

7/24/2009 Xianping/Xiang/Dongbiao’s JBC paper accepted. Congratulations!

(2009.2) Haoxing Named Sloan Fellow in Neuroscience

1/15/2009 TRPML research funded by NIH (RO1)

(2008.9) News Release : Iron-moving malfunction may underlies neurodegenerative diseases, aging

(2008.9) UM News Services article

8/05/08 Celebration party for the first publication

3/16/07 New Lab Party

3/02/07 Lab Move in