Molecular Physiology of Organelles Seminars
(MPO Seminars)


Date: Mar/19/2023
Title: Voltage Gating Mechanism of Ion Channels
Speaker: Jiangtao Guo, Ph.D., School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Previous Events:

Date: Mar/12/2023
Title: Golgi Defect as a Major Contributor to Lysosomal Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration
Speaker: Yanzhuang Wang, Ph.D., Dept. of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB), Dept. of Neurology, Umich

Date: Mar/5/2023
Title: Expanding the optogenetic and chemogenetic toolbox
Speaker: Yubing Zhou, M.D., Ph.D. Center for Translational Cancer Research, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Department of Translational Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Texas A&M University

Date: Feb/26/2023
Title: The Lysosome in Nutrient Sensing and Cellular Growth Control
Speaker: Roberto Zoncu, Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology Department, UC Berkeley

Date: Feb/19/2023
Title: Regulation of Cholesterol Metabolism by Nutrients
Speaker: Baoliang Song, Ph.D., Taikang Center for Life and Medical Sciences, Wuhan University

Date: Feb/12/2023
Title: Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Autophagy
Speaker: Hong Zhang, Ph.D., Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Date: Jan/29/2023
Title: Biochemical Dissection and Functional Analysis of Autophagy
Speaker: Qing Zhong, Ph.D., Key Laboratory of "Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis" of Chinese Ministry of Education, Department of Pathophysiology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Medicine

Date: Jan/07/2023
Title: TMEM16 ion channels and lipid scramblases from molecules to disease
Speaker: Huanghe Yang, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, Duke University & Yang Zhang, Ph.D., Institute of Molecular Physiology, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Date: Dec/11/2022
Title: The late stage of autophagy
Speaker: Yueguang Rong, Ph.D., School of Basic Medicine, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Date: Dec/4/2022
Title: The Primary Cilium is a Specialized Calcium Signaling Organelle
Speaker: Markus Delling, Ph. D., UCSF

Date: Dec/4/2022
Title: Subcellular Electrical Signals in Tissue Homeostasis
Speaker: Bimal N. Desai, Ph. D., School of Medicine, University of Virginia

Date: Nov/20/2022
Title: Fixing injured lysosomes: The PITT pathway to the rescue
Speaker: Jay Tan, Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh

Date: Nov/20/2022
Title: PI4P exchange at endoplasmic reticulum–autolysosome contacts is essential for autophagy and neuronal homeostasis
Speaker: Chao Tong, Ph. D., Zhejiang University

Date: Nov/13/2022
Title: The cytoskeleton integrates endothelial metamorphoses to blood flow
Speaker: SERGIO GRINSTEIN, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto

Date: Nov/6/2022
Title: Lysosomal TRPML1 channel: from cell physiology to human diseases
Speaker: XIANPING DONG Ph.D., Dalhousie University

Date: Oct/30/2022
Title: From cradle to grave: the mechanisms underlying lysosome biogenesis and quality control
Speaker: Xi Yang, Ph. D., Department of MCDB, Umich

Date: Oct/30/2022
Title: Gating of TRPV ion channels by endogenous ligands
Speaker: Fan Yang, Ph. D., Zhejiang University

Date: Oct/23/2022
Title: Structure and Function of the Tubular ER Network
Speaker: JUNJIE HU Ph.D., Institute of Biophysics, CAS

Date: Oct/16/2022
Title: Structural Basis of Lysosomal Membrane Proteins
Speaker: XIAOCHUN LI Ph.D., Department of Molecular Genetics, UTSW

Date: Oct/9/2022
Title: Lysine sensing and transport influences Ypq1 recognition by a ubiquitin ligase complex
Speaker: Felichi (Peach) Arines, Ph. D., Umich & Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Date: Oct/9/2022
Title: Mini but Mighty, Microproteins in Mitochondria
Speaker: Shan Zhang, Ph. D.,School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Date: Sept/25/2022
Title: Feeling Force with PIEZOs
Speaker: BAILONG XIAO, Ph.D., Tsinghua University

Date: Sep/11/2022
Title: Primary cilia, a short circuit to the nucleus
Speaker: DAVID E. CLAPHAM, MD, Ph.D., HHMI, Janelia Research Campus

Date: Sep/4/2022
Title: Overcoming physical resolution limits of fluorescence microscopes with sparse deconvolution
Speaker: LIANGYI CHEN,Ph.D., School of Future Technology, Peking University

Date: Aug/28/2022
Title: Protein pleiotropy: mechanism and opportunity for disease therapy with minimal on-target side effect
Speaker: MICHAEL X ZHU,Ph.D., Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, McGovern Medical School, UT Health

Date: Aug/21/2022
Title: Identification of the chloride channel CLN7 and its role in lysosomal physiology
Speaker: Chunlei Cang, Ph. D., School of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China

Date: Aug/21/2022
Title: A sword with two blades: applying fluorescent cAMP to study HCN channel biophysics
Speaker: Lei Zhou, Ph. D., Shen Zhen Bay Laboratory, Institute of Molecular Physiology

Date: Aug/7/2022
Title: Assembly of Tetraspanin-enriched macrodomains contains membrane damage to facilitate repair
Speaker: Yuwei Huang, Ph. D., School of Basic Medical Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Date: Aug/7/2022
Title: Epidermal plasma membrane repair in C. elegans
Speaker: Suhong Xu , Ph. D., School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Date: Jul/24/2022
Title: Synaptic vesicles, LDCVs and new fluorescent sensors
Speaker: YULONG LI, Ph.D., School of Life Sciences, Peking University

Date: Jul/10/2022
Title: Mitochondrial Quality Control: Novel Mechanisms of Mitophagy and Beyond
Speaker: Han-Ming Shen, Ph.D., Chair Professor and Head, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau

Date: Jun/19/2022
Title: The Acid Gate in the Lysosome
Speaker: Meiqin Hu, Ph. D., Liangzhu laboratory & Zhejiang University Medical Center

Date: Jun/19/2022
Title: Lysosome Lipid Signaling from The Periphery to Neurons Regulates Longevity
Speaker: Marzia Savini, Graduate Program in Developmental Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

Date: Jun/12/2022
Title: Molecular Physiology of Lysosomes
Speaker: HAOXING XU, Ph.D., Professor, Department of MCDB, UMich & LiangZhu Laboratory, Zhejiang University Medical Center

Date: May/22/2022
Title: Redefining the Mechanism of Action of Chemical Uncouplers for a New Generation of Antiobesogenic Drugs
Speaker: AMBRE M BERTHOLET, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Date: May/8/2022
Title: Lipid synthesis in ER membrane: mechanism of SCD1 and DGAT1
Speaker: MING ZHOU, Ph. D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

Date: Apr/17/2022
Title: A ubiquitin and ESCRT-dependent pathway regulates lysosome membrane composition
Speaker: MING LI, Ph. D., Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology Department, University of Michigan

Date: Apr/10/2022
Title: CCT2 is a new type of autophagy receptor for clearance of solid protein aggregates
Speaker: LIANG GE, Ph. D., School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University

Date: Mar/20/2022
Title: Next-generation targeting has organelle-level precision
Speaker: YAMUNA KRISHNAN, Ph. D., Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago

Date: Mar/6/2022
Title: Distinct Mechanisms Regulate Two Pore Channel 2 Gating Sensitivity to Its Agonist PI(3,5)P2
Speaker: Qiaochu Wang, Ph. D., Beijing Children’s Hospital Capital Medical University

Date: Mar/6/2022
Title: Ammonia generated via glutaminolysis tunes lysosomal pH to control the lysosomal degradation capacity and mTORC1 activation during amino acid shortage
Speaker: Jian Xiong, Ph. D., Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Date: Feb/12/2022
Title: Structural mechanism of allosteric activation of Trpml1 by PI(3,5)P2 and rapamycin
Speaker: Ninghai Gan, Ph.D., The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Date: Feb/12/2022
Title: Disruption of ER ion homeostasis maintained by an ER anion channel leads to ALS-like pathology
Speaker: Yichang Jia, Ph.D., School of Medicine, Tsinghua University