Qiushi Chair Professor:

Haoxing Xu(徐浩新)
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Professional and Personal e-Sites:

Research Professors/Investigators:

Xinghua Feng (冯兴华)
Distinguished Research Fellow (特聘研究员)
Email:[email protected]

Meiqin Hu (胡美钦)
ZJU100 Young Professor ("百人计划"研究员)
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Administrative Coordinator & Lab Manager :

Yangzi Bao (鲍样子)
Email: [email protected]

Postdoc Fellows:

Qiang Liu (刘强, Ph.D from Wuhan University)
2022.9 – Present
Email: [email protected]

Dongdong Zhao(赵东栋, Ph.D from Xiamen University)
2022.10 – Present
Email: [email protected]

Research Assistants:

Weijie Cai (蔡伟杰)
Email: [email protected]

Xiaotong Yang (杨晓彤)
Email: [email protected]

Zikai Jiang(蒋子凯)
Email: [email protected]

Ph. D. Students:

Liding Zhao(赵立丁)2021 Class (joint)
Email:[email protected]

Nan Zhou (周南) 2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Siyu Liu (刘思妤) 2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Ping Li (李萍) 2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Fangqian Huang(黄方茜)2023 Class
Email:[email protected]

Master Students:

Jingzhi Chen(陈静芝)2020 Class (joint)
Email: [email protected]

Na Wen(温娜)2021 Class (joint)
Email: [email protected]

Undergraduate Students:

Zhuoyun Ren (任卓芸) 应用生物科学(农学试验班)2020 Class
Email: [email protected]

Cheng Zhao (赵承) 竺可桢学院巴德年班 2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Ruyi Shan (单儒一) 基础医学(强基计划)2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Yulou Zhang (张雨楼) 基础医学(强基计划)2022 Class
Email: [email protected]

Adjunct Lab Members:

Yuanhui Huo (霍媛慧)

Previous Lab members:

Eric Mills | Undergraduate, 2007-2009 | Currently MD-PhD student at the Johns Hopkins University | email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Lily Hu| Undergraduate, 2007-2008 | currently Dental School student at Tufts University | email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Huan Meng | Undergraduate 2008-2009 | Currently medical school student at University of Massachusetts School of Medicine | email: [email protected]

Taylor Dawson | Undergraduate 2009.1-2010.6 | currently graduate program at University of Toledo | email: [email protected]

Brian Eisinger | Lab Manager 2009.1-2010.8 | currently Ph.D at University of Wisconsin-Madison | email: [email protected]

Jayne Knoff | Undergraduate 2008.6-2010.8 | Currently Graduate School at the University of Michigan | email: [email protected]

Dr. Xianping Dong |Postdoc 2007.2-2010.11 | Currently Assistant Professor at the University of Dalhousie Medical School | email: [email protected]

Shannon Dibble | Undergraduate 2009.7-2010.8 | Currently Medical School at of Loyola University Chicago | email: [email protected]

Dongbiao Shen | Ph.D. student 2008.4-2012.6| Currently Law School at the UC Berkeley | email: [email protected]

Andrew Goschka | Lab manager 2011.5 to 2012.8 | Currently Medical School at the University of Colorado | email: [email protected]

Xiang Wang | MCDB Ph.D. candidate student 2008.4-2013.5 | Currently Postdoc at the Stanford | email: [email protected]

Nick Rydzewski | Co- lab manager 2012.8-2013.7 | Currently Medical school at Northwestern University | email:[email protected]

Tony Yue Zhou | Co- lab manager 2012.8-2013.6 | currently Graduate school in Germany | email:[email protected]

Dmitry Davydov | Undergraduate, 2012.10-2014.1 | Currently medical school at Wayne State | email:[email protected]

Meimei Yang | visiting student, Harbin Medical School, 2013.12-2014.5 | email: [email protected]

Marlene A. Azar | Undergraduate student 2011.5-2014.7 | Currently medical school at Wayne State | email:[email protected]

Cyrus Tsang | Undergraduate student 2012.5-p2014.7 | Currently medical school at University of Pittsburgh | email:[email protected]

Mohammad Ali Samie | MCDB Ph.D. candidate student 2009.8-2014.1 | Currently Postdoc at Yale | email:[email protected]

Brennan Schiller | Undergraduate student, 2013.1-2014.1 | Currently medical school student at Wayne State. | email:[email protected]

Adam Awerbuch | Undergraduate, 2012.10-2014.7 | email:aw[email protected] | Currently medical school student at Wayne State.

Megan Lemorie | Lab manager, 2013.4-2015.1 | email:[email protected]

Crystal Collier | Undergraduate student, 2013.6-2015.4 | email:cry[email protected] | Currently MD-Ph.D student at Columbia University

Kathy Dong | Undergraduate student 2012.7| email:[email protected] | Currently Medical School

Maria (Kitty) Lawas | MCDB Master student, 2013.7-2015.4 | email: awa[email protected] | currently Ph.D student @ University of Pittsburgh

Abbie Garrity | Neuroscience Ph.D Candidate Student 2012.8-2015.4 | email: [email protected] | Currently consulting company|

Dr. Xiping (Spring) Cheng | Postdoc 2006.12-2015.8 | email: [email protected] Currently research scientist @ Regeneron

Roy X. Li | MCDB Pre-Candidate Graduate student 2011.8-2015.12| email:x[email protected] | Currently Instructor at Zhejiang University.

Junsheng Yang | Visiting Scholar, 2015. 8-2016.12 | email: [email protected] | Currently Instructor at Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Wuyang Wang | Postdoc, 2013.4-2016.12 | email:wuyangw@umich.edu | Currently Professor at Xuzhou Medical School, China

Neel Raval | Undergraduate 2014.11, then Research Technician 2016. 01-2017.5 | email:[email protected] | Currently Medical school student at Washington University Medical School

Greyson King | Co- Lab Manager, 2015. 1-2017.7 | email: [email protected]

Qiong Gao | MCDB Graduate Student 2012.4-2017.5 | email: [email protected] | Currently at Norvatis.

Yexin “Kathy” Yang | Neuroscience undergraduate student; Lab manager; 2016. 03-2018.5 | email: [email protected] | Currently MCDB doctoral student

Shiyu Xiao | MCDB master student, Lab manager, 2017.09-2019.5| currently Ph.D program at Indiana University | email: [email protected]

Wanlu Du (2017-2022, currently associate research professor at Umich)

Xiaoli Zhang (2010–2020; currently research scientist at Regeneron)

Ping Li (2015–2020; currently tenure-track investigator at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Lu Yu | MCDB Ph.D student, 2014.5-2019 | email: [email protected], currently research professor at Chinese Agricultural University, China

Mingxue Gu | MCDB Ph.D student, 2015-2020 | Currently postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine

Ce Wang | MCDB Ph.D student, 2017-2020 | currently research scientist at Abbvie

Nirakar Sahoo | Postdoc, 2013.9-2018.8 | Currently Assistant Professor at University of Texas Drande Valley Medical School| email: [email protected]

Former Lab members (short term):

Yuchen Lei (MCDB Rotation Ph.D student , 2019.01-2019.3) email: [email protected]
Anna Kang (Undergradaute student, 2018.5-2018.8) email: [email protected]
Emily Stringham (Undergradaute student work-study from, 2017.10) email: [email protected]
Zifan Zhao (Visiting undergradaute from Fudan University, 2017.08-2018.2) email: [email protected]
Shiyi Wang (Visting Ph.D Student from Zhejiang University, China, 2017.08-2018.2) email: [email protected]
Pilar Rivero (Visting Ph.D Student from Spain, 2017.07-2017.12) email: [email protected]
Sahil Sethi (Undergraduate, 2017.07-2017.11) email: [email protected]
Nam Joo Lee (Neuroscience undergraduate, 2016.09-2017.8) email: [email protected]
Wen He (visiting professor, 2017.10-2018.2) email: [email protected])
Lotte Van den Goor (MCDB Ph.D Rotation Student, 2017.08-10) email: [email protected]
Jessica Todsen (Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Student, 2017.01-10) email: [email protected]
Ahmad Hider (Undergraduate student, 2014.10) [email protected]
Vanessa Decker (Undergraduate student 2016. 01) email: [email protected]
Felichi (Peach) Mae Arines (MCDB Rotation Student, 2016.10) email: [email protected]
Ying Yang (MCDB Rotation Student, 2017.01) email: [email protected]
Rachel Berkowitz (Undergraduate student 2016. 05-08) email: [email protected]
Amberlene De La Rocha (MCDB Master Student 2016.08-2016.12) email: [email protected]
Sasmita Sahoo (Part-time Research Technician, 2015. 12-2016.7) email: [email protected]
Sarah Bedoyan (Undergradaute student, 2015.1-2016.4) email: [email protected]
Joseph Wille (Undergraduate student, 2014.10-2016.4) email: [email protected]
Zhangyuan Yin (MCDB rotation student, 2015. 9-12) email: [email protected]
Rasheed Alameer (Neuroscience Program Pre-Candidate Student, 2015.5-2015.7) email: [email protected]
Stephen Ireland (Rotation MCDB student, 2014.9) email: [email protected]
Yvonne (I-Uen) Hsu (Rotation student, MCDB, 2015.2-2015.4) email: [email protected]
Sara Levey (Undergraduate, 2012.10-2014.5) email:[email protected]
Francesca Bruno (Undergraduate 2011.3-2012.4) email: [email protected]
Angelina Issa (Undergraduate 2010.12-2011.7) email: [email protected]
Puja Rai (Undergraduate 2011.1-2011.12) email: [email protected]
Meiling Liu (Undergrduate, 2007-2008) email: [email protected]
Su Chen (Rotation, 2007) email: [email protected]
Zhuqing Liu (Rotation,2008) email: [email protected]
Xin Wang (Rotation,2008) email: [email protected]
Waseem Ksebati (Undergrduate, 2008) email: [email protected]
Michelle Peters (Undergraduate 2009) email: [email protected]
Yanbin Wang (Rotation, 2008) email: [email protected]
Qi Zhang (Rotation student 2009) email: [email protected]
Chen Zhang (Rotation student 2010) email: [email protected]
Angela Sun (High-school student 2010.7-2010.8) email: [email protected]
Mingkun Zhao (Visiting student from PKU-Umich exchange program 2010.7-2010.8) email: [email protected]
Henian Zhu (High-school student 2010.7-2010.8)
Bobert Michael Camilletti (Undergraduate 2010.7-2010.9) email: [email protected]
Thomas Harley (Undergraduate student 2010.1-2010.12) email: [email protected]
Katherine Adams (undergraduate student 2010.1-2010.5) email: [email protected]
Rahil Dharia (Undergraduate 2010.9-2011.4) email: [email protected]
Asad Durrani (Undergraduate student 2011.5-2011.8) email:[email protected]
Junyi Jiao (PKU-UMich Summer Exchange Student 2011.7-2011.8) email: [email protected]
Jack Shi (PKU-UMich Summer Exchange Student 2011.7-2011.8) email: [email protected]
Leibin Wang (Rotation Student 2012.3-6) email: [email protected]
Evan Gregg (Undergraduate 2011.1-2012.6) email: [email protected]
Yan Hao (Rotation Student 2012.3-2012.4) email [email protected]
Ling Huang (Rotation Student 2012.1-) email: [email protected]
Yiqin Ma (Rotation Student 2011.9-2011.12) email: [email protected]
Bing Yang (Rotation Student 2011.9-2011.12) email: [email protected]
Chen Dai (Summer undergraduate student 2012.7-8) email:[email protected]
Helen Cui (Summer undergraduate student 2012.8-8) email:[email protected]
Zhiyuan Yao (Rotation, 2013.1-4) email:[email protected]
Cole Ferguson (Visting neuroscience/neurology MSTP student, 2012.9-2013.4) email: [email protected]
Syed Hamzah Mohmood (Undergraduate student 2012.3-2013.5) email:[email protected]